Searching for a public speaker for your next event? Laura offers a variety of presentations and workshops.

Three Keys to Learning

This inspiring presentation will reveal the mystery behind what triggers learning and how you can use these three key ingredients to influence our kids in a positive way.

For Teachers:

Engaging Students in Learning
  • In this presentation, Laura will reveal how to engage students in learning so they are motivated and involved. Take the challenge to change the attitude from “I have to go to class” to “I want to go to class”.

For Parents:

Learning Outside the Box
  • As parents what can we do to encourage our kids to make healthy choices outside of school? And not just for their bodies but for their minds? In this session, Laura will share some great resources to engage and education your kids with video games, television, books, apps and other multimedia that make learning fun.


These workshops can be customized to your needs. Choose either a one-time, hour long session, weekly classes or as a full day workshop.

Engaging Readers: grades 4 to 6
  • With the amount of television, movies and games that are available, it can be a challenge to get our kids to pick up a book and read. Laura has created a presentation to foster discussion and encourage kids to keep reading. This presentation includes a reading challenge for the students (complete with handouts) as well as a question and answer period with the author.
Engaging Readers: grades 7 to 12
  • Reading books has value. In this session, Laura will talk about the Top 5 Reasons to read books and engage students in discussing their favorite stories – and everyone gets a chance to have their say! She will share her experiences with writing and answer questions the students may have.
A Novel Idea
  • Many students have a love of writing, but taking ideas and turning them into stories requires planning. Laura will teach students how to get the most out of their stories and ideas enabling them to go the next stage in their writing. This session is aimed at students, grades 9-12 and is for a classroom environment. Provided with this session is a step-by-step guide the students can use when writing.
Elements of a Story
  • This workshop can be done as a broad overview of story writing or take a specific look at key topics. Here are some of the options:
    • Genre – 7 Basic Plots
    • Timelines
    • Voice
    • Foreshadowing
    • Backstory & Exposition
    • Linguistics – creating language
    • Conflicts – Moral dilemmas
    • Building Character; Perspective
    • Symbolism
    • Social Structures – The role they play in stories