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Journey to KokoroeJourney to Kokoroe

Seeking out a way home, Hanna discovers a world being torn apart. Her curiosity takes her deeper into the mysteries of Galenia as she learns she possesses skills and abilities exceeding those around her. But the novelty of those skills will be put to the test as the dangers on Galenia become all too real and home becomes a dream.

Goodreads badge add plusAs an outsider, she see’s what others cannot.

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Flight to the CitadelFlight to the Citadel

On a dangerous mission to discover the cause of the destruction that’s plaguing Galenia, Hanna searches for the truth that will put an end to the devastation, and with luck, help her find a way home.

Goodreads badge add plusTo succeed, she must resist using her power.

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ItV_halfjacketInto the Valley

All signs point to Mateo for the destruction being caused on Galenia. In order to determine if the mysterious substance he’s mining is to blame, Hanna must go beyond the fortress walls and into the valley to see it for herself. She just hopes she’s not walking into a trap.

Goodreads badge add plusTorn between doing what is just and what is necessary.

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