Had a great time at the STAC event in Sherwood Park! The kids were engaged in the workshops, had lots of questions and shared some of their creative writing. I enjoyed sitting in on sessions of fellow authors Natasha Deen and Erika Knudsen. This is the first of many STAC events to come!

Calgary Comic Expo


Coming April 26th-29th is Calgary’s Comic & Entertainment Expo. Visit me and my fellow authors at our booth Fantasy World Builders. Be the first to get the newly released Book 1 of the Warriors of Galenia Series: Secrets of Crimson Keep!

Hope to see you there!

Edmonton Comic Con!

Image result for edmonton comic expoJoin me this weekend at Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo. I will have Second Edition Copies of the Essence of Galenia Series and a teaser for the new Series Coming this fall!

Hope to see you there!

Goodreads Giveaway!

Cover1bordermapEnter to win the first book in the Essence of Galenia book series: Journey to Kokoroe

Contest is now open and ends on April 2nd. It is open all over the world so don’t miss your chance to win!

Journey to Kokoroe by Laura L. Comfort

As Hanna begins to realize that home is not just around the corner, fear begins to grip her. Greeted with kindness, fear gives way to curiosity. As she learns of the destructive history of Galenia she becomes resolved to help her new companions maintain their idealized way of life. Hanna’s not the only one with a new purpose. Nandin discovers the history he grew up believing may not have been accurate and the suffering he’s witnessed may have been caused by the very people he trusted. Two travellers on opposite paths; both convinced they’re on the side of the greater good. One path leads to the salvation of Galenia, the other to it’s destruction.