12 Thoughts of the Season – #3

christmas-goodies-plateConcerts, children’s performances, school parties, invites to friends and families…what ingredient do all these things have in common? Food of course! Sweet candy canes, smashing chocolate oranges, Italian bread with warm, cheesy dipping sauce…there are so many great choices it was hard to limit my list to five! My Top 5 List today includes my favorite holiday foods that I look forward to every season.

  1. The Mandarin Orangeorange
    • Simple. Juicy. And the best time for the sweetest, juiciest of the year. What always amazes me about this little fruit is you can’t judge the quality by the peel (unless it’s covered in mold). Brown speckled dots and uneven colouring don’t dictate the quality of the fruit underneath. What a great metaphor!
  2. Chocolate Cherry Thumbprints
    • I make these delicious cookies every year. The melted chocolate chips stirred into the oats give it a melt in your mouth experience. The bright red maraschino cherries give it a holiday touch that make for a great presentation.
  3. After Eights
    • I can’t resist these thin, delicate minty chocolates. They turn my evening tea time into a moment of quiet stillness as the chaos around me pauses while I allow the chocolaty goodness to melt in my mouth.Brie-close-up-1
  4. Cranberry Brie in Phyllo Pastry
    • Whether I’m feeling ambitious to get out the phyllo pastry and wrap the brie and cranberries myself or rely on a store bought version, this warmed up treat never fails to satisfy! The melted cheese on a Stoned Wheat Thin cracker makes for a great appetizer (or a whole meal if I get it all to myself!)
  5. Butterball Turkey
    • I can think of many other cookies and treats that I enjoy every year, but my holiday is not complete without a turkey dinner. Once you’ve tasted a butterball turkey, it’s hard to settle for anything else. The meat is so succulent, the skin is so crisp…my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Share with me your favorite treats of the season!

2 thoughts on “12 Thoughts of the Season – #3

  1. Anonymous

    You forgot shortbread and sugar cookies.which are so much fun to decorate and share
    There’s eggnog and candy canes as well. Finally comes the most iconic and the most polarizing of all Christmas edibles – The Christmas Cake. – the ubiquitous, indestructible and inconceivably rich concoction of rum, molasses and fruit that people either love or hate but can’t deny says “Christmas is here – diets beware!”

    1. Yep it could have been a Top 100 hundred list!! Although, I sometimes feel like sugar cookies aren’t worth all the hassle anymore. Once the kids out grow the desire to do it it loses all the fun and becomes work! The store bought ones taste pretty good :-0

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