My Top 5 Fall Highlights

holiday-party-toastMy posts generally are intended to educate and inspire. I thought I would switch it up a bit and write about my own experiences that were, not only educational and inspiring for me, but rewarding and even worth celebrating. So raise your glass with me to toast a few great moments.

  1. I Started This Blogblog
    • This has been on my ‘to-do’ list for awhile now, but I’m really good at procrastinating (or at least filling up my time with other things!) I’m excited about being part of the blogging community, learning, sharing and discovering!
  2. Published My 3rd NovelCover3bordermap
    • I never thought I would have the focus or drive to actually write one full novel (see above: procrastination). I am so excited that I published all three in this trilogy – in fact, it’s become my obsession as I have written two more books with the last of the series in progress. Wahoo!
  3. Getting Out ThereFred_Stenson_-_Oct_25th
    • It has been a busy few weeks between visiting junior high classes and running inspiring parent sessions. In addition to those noteworthy events, I have had the Suzanne Harris 10-1pleasure of meeting local writers. Fred Stenson shared his fascinating story of his long career as a writer & novelist. CAA’s Writing Coach  Suzanne Harris inspired me when we met (as writers often do) in a quaint little coffee shop.
  4. Minecraft Brings My World AliveKokoroe_GateJPeg
    • I’m so excited! This week students from Gamed Academy  (Minecraft School) are working on a novel study of my book Journey to Kokoroe. They will be building scenes from the story – I can’t wait for Galenia come to life Minecraft style! I will be sure to post pictures on my Instagram in the coming weeks.
  5. Local Writer’s Novel DebutCOVER
    • Tyler Sehn’s fantasy novel Daughter of Shadow will be released this month. The synopsis below has me convinced this is sure to be a best seller…I can’t wait!

Born with one foot in light and one in darkness, she is torn between both.

Melea is the greatest warrior in the world. In service to the Lord of Light, she uses her abilities to kill for his divine vision.  Shadows grow larger as the Light spreads—the world and the forces that define it are changing and Melea is caught in the center.  Melea denies being a villain, refuses to be a hero, and would rather slash with the razors edge than walk along it.

Fate spins, or so it is said, and Melea is cursed with the luck of the dead.

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