Top 5, Make that 7 Plots

Have you ever read a book and thought that the story seemed sort of familiar? Ever written something that you can’t help but draw connections to other works of art? In his book The Seven Basic Plots: Why We Tell Stories, Christopher Booker points out that most stories fall into one of seven categories.

  1. Overcoming the monster
    • The hero sets out to defeat dark forces or creatures that threaten their home.
  2. Rags to Riches
    • A character that’s poor acquires wealth, love and power only to lose it all, grows as person, and then gets it all back.
  3. The Quest
    • The main character goes on a journey with some companions, faces many obstacles and temptations before achieving their goal.
  4. Voyage and Return
    • The main character goes to a strange land and after overcoming many challenges and threats returns home.
  5. Comedy
    • Humorous characters triumph over disasters resulting in a successful conclusion.
  6. Tragedy
    • The main character is a villain whose failure (or death) is preferable.
  7. Rebirth
    • The main character is a villain who redeems themselves by the end of the story.

Check out this video for example of these 7 plots:

In the comments, feel free to share some other stories that fit into these Plots.

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