Top 5 Youth Book Series

I read many books from a variety of genres. In my Top 5 list I’ve included books that are not only entertaining and enjoyable, but have an educational slant to it.

My own book series draws from our history as far as the architecture, development of language and engineering; however, these things are not directly linked to any person, place or event and therefore, it’s not on my list – but don’t get me wrong, Essence of Galenia is still an epic read 😉

  1. Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard by Rick Riordanmagnus
    • This book was hard to put down. Magnus is a well written character full of wit and sarcasm that he uses to hide his vulnerabilities. The series takes the characters on a thrilling quest adventure all in reference to Norse mythology.
    • It is similar to the Percy Jackson series, which includes Greek mythology and is also great. That series is aimed at readers 8 to 12 and Magnus Chase is a more mature read.
    • I think this is a fun and interesting way to learn about the belief systems of the different people of history. These mythologies are still prevalent in our current society making this a great way to learn valuable stories that are not usually taught in the school systems.
  2. 39 Clues by Rick Riordan, Gordon Korman, Peter Lerangis, Jude Watson, Patrick Carman, Linda Sue Park, Margaret Peterson39clues
    • In this adventure novel series, the two main characters find themselves on a heroic clue hunt across the world. Their adventures take them to many historical sites and they learn about many important figures from over the ages.
    • The reading level is for 8 – 12 years, but is an enjoyable read for anyone with lots of worthwhile facts revealed throughout. Each book was written by a different author.
  3. Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomeryanne_of_green_gables1
    • Following Anne through the beautiful landscape of Avonlea takes the readers away to a slower pace of life of the early 1900’s.
    • Anne is a bright, imaginative and talkative 11 year old whose love of language has her speaking in a eloquent and advanced sort of way that reflects her extreme passions.
    • Experiencing this moment in time and the beauty of P.E.I through Anne’s eyes will have you longing to visit Canada’s coast and reveal  the charm and elegance words can have.
  4. Horrible Histories by Terry Deary, Peter Hepplewhite and HHRomansNeil Tonge
    • Now onto the weird and wacky, these short books are packed with facts and stories about some of the strangest events, people and places in history.
    • With the addition of comics and jokes, these history books will have your kids groaning and laughing as they learn about our outrageous past. Deary is a writer who wishes to ‘entertain first and inform second’.
  5. Hatchet by Gary Paulsenhatchet
    • In this wilderness survival novel, 13-year old Brian is stranded in the middle of a forest. He must learn how to survive in the vast wilderness with only his hatchet.
    • It is a compelling read and has you asking whether or not you would be as resourceful as young Brian. If you’ve never been in Scouts or taken any survival training this is a must read! It is book 1 in a 5 books series.

That’s the end of my Top 5 educational books, but I’d like to do a shout out to the ruins_of_gorlanRangers Apprentice Series by John Flanagan. This action adventure series follows 12 year old Will who becomes a Ranger (essentially the secret police of the king). Flanagan bases many of the peoples on our own historical cultures. The values, friendships, hard work and relatable characters make this a compelling read, and therefore, there is much to be gained other than facts and figures.

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