Top 5 Videos

There are so many great videos out there. The ones on My Top 5 list are entertaining, educational and worth watching over and over.

  1. Animaniacsanimaniacs
    • These strange sibblings are wacky and weird, which makes them all the more fun to watch!
    • In addition to many slapstick pop culture references, they have many educational segments that cover subjects such as history, mathematics, geography, astronomy, science, and social studies, often in musical form.
  2. Horrible Historieshorriblehistories
    • The show is a comedic approach to exploring historic events, people and places.
    • The bizarre & often gruesome facts are unlikely to be found in any school textbook. Kids are sure to enjoy these short skits, reenactments and parodies.
  3. Brainpopabout-brainpop
    • The animated characters, Tim & Moby, answer questions on just about everything. The video topics include Science, Math, English, Social, Technology and more. Tim’s dry wit is funny making him a likable character.
    • Each video is accompanied with comics, quizzes, and even video games. (Brainpop Jr. is also great!)
  4. Crash Course World Historycrashcourse
    • John Green teaches world history in a faced paced, attention grabbing style. These 10-15 minute videos are witty and educational – you may have to watch them a few times to catch all the information.
    • Crash course actually has many different topics including Astronomy, Chemistry, Literature, and Economics to name a few. World history is my favorite.
  5. Q.I.QI
    • Hosted by Stephan Fry, this is a British quiz show where everything is Quite Interesting. The panelists are mainly made up of comedians and celebrities.
    • Since the questions are based on little known facts, the panelist score points for being interesting which makes this show quite entertaining.
    • **Due to some content, this is for an older audience; viewer discretion advised.

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