Top 5 Video Games

My Top 5 games are engaging and fun with a bit of education thrown in. No harm in learning a little while gaming!

  1. Minecraftminecraft
    • This online game has something for everyone. The ‘digital lego’ allows players to build anything they want in creative mode using blocks of different material. In survival mode, they can fight against bad guys.
    • In addition, there are mini games where players can work together, do challenges or be the last man standing.
    • GamEd Academy takes this to a whole new level by adding an education spin.
  2. Nancy Drewnancydrew
    • These mystery games are filled with problem solving and challenges wrapped in story with historical references and fact-based tidbits throughout.
    • The games are engaging, fun. The cloak-and-dagger style keeps you guessing right up to the end.
  3. Portalportal
    • This first person puzzle solving game challenges you to think outside the box while trying to get outside the box.
    • The computers wit and discouraging comments add a level of entertainment to this unique game.
  4. MystMystCover
    • This graphic adventure puzzle map game has a compelling story telling aspect. The puzzles are challenging, the graphics amazing and even the music takes you away to the created worlds found in Myst, Riven and Uru (a free online game).
  5. Poptropicapoptropica
    • In this virtual world, players can travel to different islands, play games and compete. Each island has a different theme.
    • The game includes problem solving challenges and mysteries often with a narrative based in factual history. Poptropica offers a safe, online environment.

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