Top 5 Documentaries

I love documentaries. The world is a fascinating place and being entertained, while learning about it, is exciting to me. The following list are some of my favorite documentaries.

  1. Connections with James Burkeconnections
    • There are 3 series: one from 1978, 1994 & 1997.
    • The shows demonstrate how various discoveries, scientific achievements, & historical world events were built or significantly interconnected to modern day technology.
  2. Engineering an Empire from the History Channelempire
    • The shows explores the engineering and architectural feats accomplished by some of greatest civilizations of history.
    • The episodes include Rome, Egypt, Greece, Greece: Age of Alexander, The Aztecs, Carthage, The Maya: Death Empire, Russia, Britain: Blood and Steel, The Persians, China, Napoleon: Steel Monster, The Byzantines and Da Vinci’s World.
  3. Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey with Neil DeGrass TysonCosmos
    • Neil presents a storytelling approach of the universe aboard the ship of the imagination which loosely follows the original Cosmos by Carl Sagan from 1980
    • Not only does it show amazing images and information of space, but explores the lives of the scientist who made fantastic discoveries.
  4. Fry’s Planet Word with Stephan Fryfrysword
    • Stephan explores how languages developed, how it defines us, its uses and abuses, and celebrates story telling.
    • This historical search is not only interesting, but a compelling quest in understanding who we are as is revealed through our language.
  5. How TV Ruined Your Life with Charlie Brookertvlife
    • Using a comedic approach, Charlie explores the influences television has had on our lives for better or worse…well mostly worse.

To watch any of these visit Top Documentary Films to watch, go on YouTube or Netflix. Of course, you could always purchase them on DVD.

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